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Stealing DIY ideas from Chris

 Melbourne is a big city in some ways, but in others it’s such a small world. I tend to bump into the same people a lot at shop openings and launch parties –… Continue reading

Put a peplum on it

Hello sewing types! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a DIY but hopefully this one will make up for that. It’s also about how to easily take an outfit from work-safe… Continue reading

Run Melbourne!

 Look what Berri Drum from Hand Hook Yarn crocheted for me! Panda ears!  Um, why? Because I’m taking part in Run Melbourne this Sunday to raise funds for WWF, which, as you would… Continue reading

DIY – the prequel

 Love them or hate them, prequels seem to be a part of life these days. So I decided to jump on the bandwagon to show you what one of my potential DIYs looks… Continue reading

A shawl collar on a .. shawl??

Although you wouldn’t know it from the colourful ethnic prints I generally favour, I’m a big fan of English literary classics such as those by Charles Dickens, Jane Austen and the Brontes. Apart… Continue reading

Circle skirts seam like a good idea

I know, fellow Melburnians, it really isn’t the right weather to be gadding about in this summery clothes combo. But I wanted to show you this skirt I made a few months ago… Continue reading

Little China girl

We all know that time flies, but this was made particularly obvious to me when I completed a DIY project and went looking for the “before” picture. “Surely I only thought up this project a… Continue reading

Shiny shades – a DIY fail?

Have you ever stuffed up a DIY project? Over my years of sewing, there have been quite a few pieces that haven’t turned out exactly as I’d planned, but they’re usually rescue-able. When… Continue reading