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T-shirt tutorial 1: zip’n tuck … plus JEWELLERY NEWS!

Whew, it’s been a busy few weeks, but the translation work is winding down. Although if I followed one of my readers’ brilliant suggestions and added Pig Latin to the list of languages… Continue reading

We’re going to be on TV!!

Everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame, and mine is scheduled for April 30 at 5:30pm on channel 7!! Set your VCRs now!! haha… To explain, Erica from Recycled Fashion asked me to… Continue reading

Frenzied fashion post

How have you been? I’ve hardly had time to scratch myself (not that I’m particularly itchy anyway, but it’s lucky that I’m not!). Having been out of work for a few months before… Continue reading

MMM catchup

How’s your Me-Made-March going? I’m flying by the seat of my pants some days… or more accurately, the lobes of my ears, because many of my outfits only seem to feature earrings for… Continue reading

Look who dropped in!

Thanks to my penchant for op shopping and whipping up my own wardrobe, it’s pretty rare for me to turn up anywhere wearing the same thing as anyone else. But great minds do… Continue reading

Cheapest dress EVER #3

Yes, it’s time to brag about not spending money again, but this post also coincides with Me-Made-March* (click here if you’re not taking part and have no idea what I’m on about). As… Continue reading

Night Art Market invitation

If you haven’t already worked it out from reading my ramblings on this blog, I like making stuff out of crap. It seems that it runs in the family as my sister also… Continue reading

The making of the cheapest racewear outfit ever

Following Monday’s post on what I wore to the Cox Plate, I’ve decided to do the trendy craft blogger semi-tutorial thing and show you what went on and how much things cost in… Continue reading

Cheapest racewear outfit EVER?

… So as I mentioned a few posts ago, I decided to make an outfit to enter Fashions on the Field at the Cox Plate on Saturday. I’ll go into a few more… Continue reading

Crochet your own coral reef

Well, I promised you a post about an amazing project, and here it is. I stumbled on this fabulous display of creativity at the Stringybark festival on the weekend. It’s called The Melbourne… Continue reading