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March: denim, an embroidered cap and pom poms

In case you had wondered what had happened to the denim jacket I’ve been “weathering” since August, the answer is, not much. Denim is obviously pretty sturdy stuff as it has hardly faded… Continue reading

Shiny shades – a DIY fail?

Have you ever stuffed up a DIY project? Over my years of sewing, there have been quite a few pieces that haven’t turned out exactly as I’d planned, but they’re usually rescue-able. When… Continue reading

The Wardrobe Weekender workshops

Although my mind is still in Laos, and there are at least one or two more road trip posts to come, I just wanted to let Melburnians know that I’ll be running a… Continue reading

Short and sweet

As most of you would know, I’m something of a hoarder (although I prefer to think of it as “collecting”). Some of my favourite things to collect are vintage sewing patterns such as… Continue reading

Colour & crochet

A little while ago (well, fine, if you want to be picky, it was more than a year ago) I bought yet another not-quite-right garment at an op shop. Like a simple-minded bird,… Continue reading

Sleepy stylist

It’s another rainy weekend in Melbourne but I don’t mind because Suki and I have had to stay indoors to style the looks for the Fair@Square fashion show. I really did intend to… Continue reading

Sisters in crime

Well, if craft were a crime, that is. This post is a blatant attempt at self-and-sister promotion, namely, my sister has a stall at the Made ‘n’ Thornbury market this Saturday. She will… Continue reading

Chilled out weekend

So, it’s theoretically spring here in Melbourne, but in true crazy Melbourne style, today was more like mid-winter. Seeing as I had mountains of writing work to get through, the rain and cold… Continue reading

Buying nothing new @ Hunter Gatherer & BSL

Has anyone else out there taken the Buy Nothing New pledge? Don’t be shy, make yourselves known! As I mentioned a few days ago, I was one of the stylists for Fashion Friday… Continue reading

A tribute to safari suits

Working in a fairly informal office, my colleagues and I are fortunate in that we can wear pretty much anything we like, which explains why I can get away with outfits like this.… Continue reading